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    By playing on our Minecraft servers or using our website, you accept and agree to these rules. I understand that this thread is quite long, but please take the time to read it thoroughly.

    here for a list of our forum rules.

    (Last Updated: 1/21/2018)

    Server Rules:

    These activities are prohibited, and usually warrant a temporary mute:

    • Staff & Player Disrespect: (warning - 1 hour mute - 1 day ban based on severity and player history)¹
    • Chat Offenses; Filter-Bypassing, Sexual, Bullying, Swearing and Spam: (warning - 1-2 hour mute based on severity and player history)²
    • Staff/Player Impersonation: (1-3 hour mute)
    • Fake Messages: (warning - 1-3 hour mute)³
    • Mentioning other server names: (1-3 hour mute)
    • Talk of suicide: (2-3 hour mute)
    • Other languages besides English in public chat: (warning - 1-3 hour mute)
    These activities are prohibited, and usually warrant a temporary ban:
    • Advertising server IPs: (31 day lobby ban)
    • /Message, /Mail, & Command Spam (4 times or more): (1-3 hour ban if continued after warn & kick)
    • DDoS, DoX, or Account Hacking Threats: (14-31 day ban based on offence history & severity)
    • Death wishes/threats: (3 day ban)
    • Releasing Private Information: (14-31 day ban based on offence severity)
    • Ban/Mute Evading: (Ban for the same amount of time as the muted/banned main)
    • Posting Malicious or Inappropriate Links: (31 day automatic ban)4
    • PvP Logging, Trolling and Exploiting Bugs: (1 day ban)
    • Griefing: (7 day ban) (Needs video evidence)
    • Inappropriate Names and Skins: (1-31 day ban based severity and number of offenses)
    • Inappropriate Faction Tags, Titles, & Descriptions: (1-3 day ban)5
    • Safezone, Trapping & Peaceful Server Killing[Peaceful servers only]: (7 day ban)
    • KoTH Camping (winning by sitting in a spot where no one can hit/kill you): (1 day ban & increases if continued)
    • Inappropriate Builds including but not limited to "sex clubs/rooms" & "strip clubs": (3-7 day ban)
    • Item Spam or Plot crashing: (3 day ban)6
    • Phasing to unreachable places on Infection or to bother others: (1-3 day ban if continued after kick)7
    • Persistently asking Staff for donor ranks or free stuff: (1 day ban if continued after a warning or kick)
    • Racism, Religion, or Sexual Orientation hate, etc: (1 day ban)8
    • Bothering/Invading players space: (1-2 hour ban)9
    • Advertising other links: (7 day ban)10
    • Tricking other players: (10 min ban & increase)11
    These activities are prohibited, and usually warrant a permanent ban:

    • This occurs when you or someone else purchases the donor rank and then it gets refunded. If another player purchased the rank for you, make a ban appeal or message Pile on the Forums to see if you can get unbanned. Any proof of the transaction would be helpful.
    Transactions involving IRL money by either selling/trading:
    • Players advertising their own Buycraft store.
    • Scams for in game items/ranks involving IRL money, only if real money was given and the other sides items weren't.
    • Selling Minecraft accounts/Alts.

    The following activities, although usually prohibited on other servers, are permitted on Minetime:

    • Scamming other players -- Minetime doesn't involve itself in transactions it doesn't oversee. Please make sure you trust the players with whom you interact. If IRL money is not involved, it isn't punishable so don't expect your scammed items to be returned. However scams involving IRL money will be punished when real money was given to the person, but items for it weren't given in return.
    • Using modified clients ("hacks") -- Minetime will not help you install modified clients or cater to your modified clients by delaying server updates, but you can use them. Any hack that directly harms the server (such as a crashing exploit) is still prohibited and can warrant a permanent ban. The use of "Regen hacks" is not punishable since the use of modified clients are allowed.
    These activities are prohibited, and are subject to punishment at Staff Discretion:
    • Those caught exploiting our voting system to exploit vote rewards are subject to potential inventory clearing, balance clearing. Steps will be taken by the Administrators to prevent you from exploiting the voting system, including the possibility of being blacklisted on one specific game-mode only to prevent further exploitation of rewards.
    • Bot Spamming
    *Rules are subjected to change at any time and punishments can vary based on severity and player history. This is a list of common offenses there are many more that fall under common sense. Please be respectful and use common sense while playing on Minetime. Stay up to date by checking this thread frequently*

    1. Chat Offenses:
    • Number Spam ( recommended to countdown from 5)
    • Similar message 3 times or more.
    • Any talk of drugs.
    • Using ".annoy" on modified clients to repeat what other players say.
    • Negative/Rude comments towards players or staff.
    • Using words in a way that could be offensive to others and disrespectful: "That fight was aids", "That game was cancerous"
    2. Impersonation:
    • Pretending to be a player/Making it look like a player is talking in chat:
      [MVP] Player: [Admin] Doggy: Hello everyone!
    • Acting as if you are able to or have access to punish/ban players.
    3. Fake Messages:
    • Making it look like a private message in chat: [MVP] Player: -> me] Hello!
    • Making it look like the broadcast messages that the server sends in chat.
    4. Suspicious Links:
    • Using URL shorteners to shorten links (Actual links are hidden and aren't known what they actually could be when clicked)
    5. Faction Names/Description:
    • Anything offensive, sexual, racist, disrespectful, swear words, etc.
    • Your faction will either be disbanded or will be changed to be appropriate.
    6. Item Spam/Crashing:
    • Dropping multiple items on players filling up their inventory.
    • Giving players items that could crash their game if they place it.
    • Having a plot build in such a way that could crash players.
    • Setting off many fireworks at once.
    7. Phasing/Unreachable:
    • On Infection: phasing into blocks, flying/gliding under the map, or anywhere other players can't reach you. If a player is a Zombie, it's allowed but not as a Human.
    • On Prison: phasing into smelting rooms to annoy or steal player's items in the furnaces.
    8. Racism & other hate:
    • (examples) "You're an Arab" or "Jews can go die"
    9. Bothering players:
    • Denied from Creative plot and you bypass it.
    • Getting in someone's way to prevent them from building, placing things, etc.
    10. Other Links:
    • YouTube channels that contain content from other servers besides Minetime.
    • Discord invite links
    11. Tricking Players:
    • Saying anything to get others to use alt+4 so their game closes.
    • Spreading any false information or rules (Examples).
      • Saying hacking isn't allowed when it is.
      • Saying you can get banned from something that you actually can't.
      • Saying you can't get banned from something that you actually can.
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