New Player's Guide to Minetime Anarchy (end of 2020)

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    I see many people log onto the anarchy server and ask questions. here's my 2 cents for beginners.

    A. Spawn
    1. Trust few people. And this seems kinda obvious, but don't trust people with Withers named after them. if you see a bunch of purple bars that say "BOW DOWN TO BOB THE SUPERIOR" I wouldn't go hanging with Bob. Also, if you see someone in full Netherite god armor, chances are they aren't hanging out at spawn to help you. Not many people are that good hearted, despite this server being largely Canadian.

    2. If someone is offering you a kit, tell the chat. Even if they seem like a good person, people on the server will be able to tell you their reputation.

    3. Don't pvp other new players just for fun. If you lose, you're back where you started, and if you win, you're at low health and hunger and just made yourself an enemy.

    4. Nothing is impossible. There is food. There is wood. I recommend a going south east of spawn and there should be a jungle.

    5. The mods will not give you free stuff, ranks, or teleport you places. I see things like this, and I'm sure the mods know what I'm talking about.
    bob1330 has joined the game
    "Welcome bob1330 to Minetime Anarchy!"
    bob1330: wassup
    bob1330: hey mods can i have stuff
    [S-Mod] ThePopmop: Get it yourself
    bob1330: plz why not
    [Mod] RealNickonator: thats not our job
    bob1330: no fair can i have a rank then
    [Mod] RealNickonator: No
    bob1330: mean
    bob1330 tried to swim in lava
    bob1330 fell from a high place
    bob1330 was shot by skeleton
    bob1330 fell from a high place

    bob1330 has left the game

    6. This may be an opinion, but no one wants to date you as soon as you join the server. There are other services for that type of thing. I see things like this in the chat sometimes:
    bob1330 has joined the game
    "Welcome bob1330 to Minetime Anarchy!"
    bob1330: anyone want a bf
    sally384: no one wants to date you plus im only 9
    bob1330: sally im 48 but age is just a number
    sally384: prison is just a place
    bob1330 has left the game

    Take that somewhere else please.

    B. Establishing a base and/or team

    1. I recommend waiting a few days before getting yourself a team. Watch the chat, see who's trustworthy.
    If someone invites you to their base, refer to A1.

    2. Go far away from spawn. Like really, really far. At least 10k blocks. I would recommend hiding it as well, but if you are fairly confident in your ability to build with only blast proof materials and your reconstruction skills, go right ahead and make that Bob Tower that you've been dreaming of.

    3. You will get griefed. It's almost not a question. Sooner or later you will click that red skull in the lobby and have your game load only to see the ruins of your efforts. Ok that's dramatic. But you will probably get griefed at some point, and if you don't, you deserve a medal. You can try to avoid it using various building techniques, but saying "griefer no griefing" isn't going to do much for you.

    4. Use highways. There are some paths through the nether, but some are a little sus. It's really up to you how you want to get where you're going, but this is my suggestion.

    C. Keeping your base/team

    1. Don't be a troll. And if you are gonna be one, don't expect to be rewarded for it. If you make people mad, chances are they are going to remember that.
    bob1330: hey sally wanna team
    sally384: bob sucks bob looks like a radish haha
    sally384 was slain by bob1330
    sally384: what was that for i thought we were team

    2. If you have a problem with someone killing them is not the answer. Especially if they know where your base/stash is. That will just show them that you don't like them, and chances are they won't like you back and you will end up in obsidian or with a fair sized hole in your base.

    3. This seems rather obvious, but if you grief someone or steal their stuff, don't leave a sign saying "haha leave noob -bob1330" or something like that. Don't make giant obsidian letters spelling your name and plugging your Tiktok. Don't build a sculpture of your skin with massive genitals. No face no case. If they don't know who did it, they wont know who to come after.

    4. Don't talk behind people's backs. Situations usually go like this.
    [me -> sally384] bob looks like a radish lmao
    [bob1330 -> me] i heard you said i look like a radish. you know my father always said the same thing, maybe you should think about your words before you say them


    Are hacks aloud here?

    Is there wood?

    What do you do here?
    It's normal survival but multiplayer.

    What's the point of this?
    Survival but with more challenge.

    How do you get out of spawn?
    Walk, run, swim, traditional methods of transportation.

    typically after being griefed or killed
    Why dude?
    That's what griefers do. redstoners will play with redstone, builders will play with different materials, griefers will play with your feelings.

    Thats all I can think of rn, hope this helps some people. Comment your thoughts, suggestions and additions.
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