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    I have decided to make a thread to remember and honour past and present staff who have volunteered their time to help the server. I know I may have gotten some wrong and probably missed some of so please help me out with that.

    * Signifies Current Staff

    [NOTE: Noobcrew received the server in 2016]
    @Noobcrew [Moderator x1] [Owner] *

    [NOTE: These were the Original Owners/Co-Owners of Minetime, Thanks for making this server possible!]
    @Collin [Former Owner] (06/2013 - 05/2016)
    @MinetimeSupport (Emily) [Former Co-Owner] (06/2013 - 07/2015)
    @Drake Hubbard [Co-Owner] (06/2013 - 2015)

    [NOTE: Every single Administrator/Developer has contributed something useful to Minetime with the exception of Owen who was demoted after a day.]
    @drtshock [Developer] (0
    @Stryker [ System Administrator] (Creator of the Minetime Forums. His actual IGN has been lost to time.)
    @Killerzombie269 [Developer/Moderator]
    @Megan [Forums Administrator]
    @Jess [Administrator]
    @Tyler [Administrator] (07/2015 - 03/2017)
    @Pile [Administrator] (06/2016 - 07/2018)_
    @Sookarook [Administrator] (Smelled really bad)
    @xBMAN [Administrator]x3 * (07/2013 - 05/2015) (03/2016 - 10/2018) (04/2020 - Present)
    @Matthew [System Administrator)] (2016 - Present) (Semi-current, don't DM)
    @Popmop [Administrator]*

    [NOTE: Kitten had been Staff for several consecutive years, she'd been staff for so long that she was given a participation trophy. No other staff has had the title of 'Support' besides her. As she was opped for a bit, there is no one with the role of 'Support']


    [Senior Moderator was a rank that was created after Noobcrew became Owner, so Moderators that had stuck around a while felt like they had something to show for it. The Senior Mod position is cursed. As of 2020 the rank has been rebranded as Super Moderator to differentiate from Mineverse.]
    @Thrawt [Moderator]x2 [Senior Moderator]x1
    @Yoowy [Senior Moderator]
    @Woodman [Senior Moderator]
    @Matt [Senior Moderator]
    @xKittenCatx [Senior Moderator]
    @Chipemunk [Senior Moderator]
    @Hammynl [Senior Moderator]
    @Lewis [Senior Moderator]x1 [Moderator] x1
    @QueenofAmazing [Super Moderator]
    @nik1711 [Super Moderator] *

    [NOTE: While these staff were not promoted to Senior Moderator, it should be noted that Senior Moderator was a rank that was created after Noobcrew became Owner. Because Administrator was the next staff rank up, lots of these people were stuck at this rank for a long time.]

    @Juan [Moderator]
    @Joel [Moderator]
    @daelwolf [Moderator]
    @FreakingEpic [Moderator]
    @Ja33Man [Moderator]
    @LtSpearzZ [Moderator]
    @Parker (Yogurtman/Frogsoup) [Moderator]
    @Sheldon (agentscreem) [Moderator]
    @Dovashy [Moderator]
    @Drowninpizza [Moderator]
    @CxttenCxndy [Moderator]
    @Sooplie [Moderator]
    @Kevin [Moderator]
    @Kyleep [Mdoerator]
    @Ollie [Moderator]
    @SnancakesNate [Helper]x2 [Moderator]x1
    @Adriana [Moderator]
    @Popcorn84620 [Moderator]
    @imcalledsarah [Moderator]
    @GoatNations (Sam) [Moderator]x2
    @Gabby [Moderator]
    @Olivia [Moderator]
    @PK [Moderator]
    @RealNickonator [Helper] x3 [Moderator] x2
    @Vise [Moderator] *

    @Xavier [Moderator]

    [NOTE:The Staff Position 'Helper' has been re-added [2020]. While this is the lowest staff position this doesn't mean these staff didn't do anything. The main 3 staff positions before Noobcrew became owner were Helper, Moderator, and Administrator. Because of these few staff positions it could take a while for a helper to get promoted to Moderator.]
    Gamestudios (No forum account)
    Nicole (No forum account)
    @__Tao__ [Helper]
    @Angel [Helper]
    @LUCASBRAGZ [Helper]
    @ADAMATOR1234 [Helper]
    @Pepper [Helper]
    @gradient (Smartguy27)
    @BerryBoxie [Helper]
    @MR9 [Helper]
    @Setzer [Helper]
    @H3vah [Helper]
    @Alyssa P. [Helper]
    @FabulousPuga [Helper]
    @Gracieth7 [Helper]
    @Isabella [Helper]
    @J4D0N [Helper]
    @Kaedeki [Helper]
    @MyChemicalSoul [Helper]
    @Petty104 [Helper]
    @PokecraftPhreak [Helper]
    @Brandon [Helper]
    @RyanHill (skippyMN) [Helper]
    @_SamWinchester_ [Helper]
    @suitX6 [Helper]
    @ToastyandButtery [Helper]
    @XephThePanda (Pandabora) [Helper]
    @xillusionxxmc [Helper]
    @Prescar (Yash) [Helper]
    @Reddi2Burn [Helper]
    @ImpactVolts [Helper]
    @Nico [Helper]
    @Anders [Helper]
    @Will [Helper]
    @Lovinlegos [Helper]
    @Cutie (Ropes) [Helper]
    @Fantasy [Helper]
    @Goowy [Helper]
    @Chewelah [Helper]
    @idk (May) [Helper]
    @Snorlax [Helper]
    @deedubb [Helper]
    @SniffMyToes [Helper]
    @Yeeter [Helper]


    sorry for the mass tags for anyone mentioned :whistle:
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