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    • Minetime and Mojang are separate entities.
    Mojang AB is the company that owns Minecraft. Minetime is not Mojang AB. By making a payment to Minetime, you are not making a payment to Mojang or buying the Minecraft game. Payments to Minetime are payments to a private Minecraft server that is not affiliated with Mojang. Because Minetime and Mojang have no affiliation, Mojang will not be able to offer you any support regarding Minetime or payments to Minetime.
    • Minetime is run by a team of people.
    Minetime, LLC is run by a small team of people. Each one of these people has a different role in Minetime. Minetime has staff members who fulfill needs such as customer support and technical development.
    • Our profit goes to our team.
    Payments to Minetime fund the costs associated with Minetime. Excess revenue that is not used to further expand and develop Minetime ultimately goes to the Minetime team.
    • You don't have to be shady to make money.
    Minetime is a business. We make a profit from people who buy perks from our online store. Thousands of people make purchases to Minetime every month. Minetime's ultimate goal is to enhance Minecraft users' experiences by providing them with entertainment through an exciting and unique realm in which they can play. We have a set of principles in place to protect the experience of our users. Here are our payment-related principles...

    I. Purchasing something from Minetime will enhance your experience on Minetime without damaging the experiences of others.
    II. Minetime does not sell exclusive access to any part of its Minecraft network. There are no exclusive lobbies or servers.
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