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    Please use the provided format when applying for builder. Failure to adhere to this or any other requirement will result in your application being denied.

    Application requirements:
    • You are not allowed to take credit for other's work. Doing this will result in your application being instantly denied, your future chances of being accepted to the build team will decrease and you might even be blacklisted from applying again.
    • You have to wait at least 2 weeks between your applications.
    • You must provide at screenshots or video of at least2 different builds you have created. Builds created in groups are not allowed since we won't be able to determine how much of the building you have done.

    Application Process:
    1. Your application will either be denied or validated. A validated application will be pinned until a decision the rest of the application process has been completed.
    2. You will be contacted on discord where we will decide on a time for your trial build.
    3. You will do your trial (read more about the trial further down in the thread).
    4. You will either be accepted to the build team or denied depending on your trial results.

    The Trial:
    If you pass the first stage of the application process you will have to do a build trial. The build trial is a 4-hour test where you build anything you want. The trial will be done in one sitting with at least one build team member spectating you. You can not split the trial into multiple sessions and you won't be allowed to build for more than 4 hours. You are allowed to use any of the tool provided on our build server (World Edit, VoxelSniper, GoPaint, and GoBrush). And finally, you decide the style, size, and complexity yourself.

    • Timeless rank along with a Builder prefix on all of Minetime's servers.
    • Store coupons. Builders will now receive store coupons whenever they complete a project (not random builds you create on the server). The amount will be determined based on the complexity and size of the build and will therefore vary.

    If you have any questions please contact me by either messaging me on discord, leaving a message on my profile page or starting a conversation.

    Good Luck
    - Minetime Build Team
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