[04.02.2021] Prison Changes & Bug Fixes

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Should Obsidian value for FTOP be changed?

Poll closed Apr 5, 2021.
  1. Maintain ($500x1)

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  2. Decrease ($250x1)

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  3. Decrease ($100x1)

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  1. Beeman


    Sep 29, 2013
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    • Sell wands can now be used to sell chests of drugs.
    • Red sand added to /warp shop.
    • Crate changes:
      • Removed armor and swords from crate rewards.
      • Legendary Pickaxe now has the unbreakable attribute; never worry about breaking pickaxes again.
      • Protection 6 God Armor in the Armor Crate now contains the unbreakable attribute.
      • Black Market keys have been permanently removed because it was exploited by several players who duplicated the keys.
    • Hoppers are faster. They will now tick once every 3 seconds (60 ticks). The trade-off to having faster hoppers means we have had to put a harder cap on the number of hoppers per chunk. You can get around this bottleneck by upgrading your hoppers.
    • Gen buckets can now patch blocks of the same type.
    • Water and lava gen buckets removed due to placement bugs.
    • Disabled player critical hits.
      • Previously, players could exploit sending critical packets on a 1.8 client constantly resulting in crits always being applied, leading to extremely short fights and armor breaking too fast.
      • Not needed since mcMMO skills handle critical hits.
    • Added 3x sets to the prestige-master kit.
    • Poll released on changing obsidian value for ftop.

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  2. Beeman


    Sep 29, 2013
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    Obsidian value decreased to $100 based on the poll.
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