[03.09.2021] Prison Season 1 Bug Updates

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    [03.09.2021] Prison Season 1 Bug Updates
    • Hopper adjustments
      • Hoppers will process items every 24 ticks (20 ticks=1 second).
      • They will process 4x items by default (you can upgrade the amount they process however).
    • Patched a bug that was kicking players who were connecting with 1.8.
    • Gen Buckets
      • Added cobblestone gen buckets to the shop (/genbucket to open the shop). You can purchase 1x bucket for $10,000 (it will place 64 blocks in the direction placed).
      • Modified prices for Obsidian and Netherite Blocks
    • Reduced value of minerals found in mines.
      • Due to the increase prevalence of bot clients like baritone, we reduced several of the sell prices for items like Diamonds and Emeralds to encourage players to diversify in their money-making methods.
    • Anticheat optimizations
      • For those who use modified clients, we have made several changes to the anticheat to optimize gameplay and reduce lag in combat. Combat hacks like Kill Aura should work as long as the CPS is <= 14 (after which it will begin flagging you)
      • Reduced penalties and made more leniency for world hacks like fastmine and fastplace.
      • Eliminated kicking players except in cases of too many packets (in which a kick is required to immediately disconnect the packets).
    • Crates modified
      • Eliminated the double items in some crates (i.e being 12x golden apples and 16x golden apples as individual rewards).
      • Increased the rewards in the Rare, Legendary and Armor crates.
      • Removed useless items (i.e bows, blocks) from higher tier crates.
      • Added more elytras in Legendary crate.
      • Added infinity sell stick in Legendary crate.
    • Dungeons
      • Added /dungeonhome. If you own a dungeon or are trusted to a dungeon, type /dungeonhome [cellname] to teleport to your dungeon.
    • mcMMO
      • Increased maxed unarmed to 1250 and raised the 100% Iron Grip perk to 1250. Once you achieve a max in iron grip, you will never be disarmed in combat again.
      • Added lucky perks available for purchase on the webstore.
    • Donator kits
      • Increased the value of items in donator kits.
        • Reduced cooldowns to 1 day
        • Removed TNT & End Crystals
        • Added 1x Enchanted Golden Apple for Premium - Executive, 2x for CEO & Epic, and 3x for Timeless
        • People wanted XP bottles back in kits. Instead, we added XP Levels so you don't have to worry about filling your inventory.
      • For a full list of changes to donator kits, see buy.minetime.com.
    • Status of /f top
      • The plugin we were using for /ftop was causing problems and failed to properly calculate spawners. For the time being /ftop is disabled and will be enabled at a later date.
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    Excited to see the new XP levels instead of Inventory getting flooded with bottles. And here's the answer to everyone asking about "/f top"

    Great updates!
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