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    Forum Rules:
    • Respect all administrators, staff and users at all times.
    • You are allowed only one forum account. The creation of alt accounts will result in warning points applied to your account as well as a permanent ban to the alt account.
    • Keep all discussion in threads related to the thread topic. Do not spam or derail any threads.
    • Keep all information and profile avatars/cover photos appropriate at all times.
    • Advertising, referrals, and begging is not allowed(Exception: YouTube, Twitch).
    • Do not release anyone's personal information. This includes but is not limited to IP's, addresses, IRL photos, the location of residence, documents, or anything that is related.
    • Post any questions in the appropriate sections of the forums. If you're unsure where to post, feel free to ask a fellow user or a member of the staff team.
    • Do not post illegal or derogatory material. This includes malware, pornography, torrents, etc.
    • Rate farming or rate abuse will result in the ratings removed, and warning points applied. Not sure what this means? Click HERE for a in depth explanation.
    • No swearing, flaming, arguing or drama on forums. Hate/drama threads and arguments will be deleted.
    • Do not post in a thread older than 30 days. (this is also known as "thread bumping" or "grave-digging") **This rule does not apply to the forums: Introductions, Help threads, Feedback & Suggestions and "Official" threads.**
    • No trolling or posting multiple replies in a row. If you wish to add more information in a post, use the edit button.
    • Do not post farm. Post farming is when you post rapidly to increase your message count. These messages can be considered spam and be deleted with warning points applied to your account.
    Appealing Forum Bans:

    Should you find yourself banned and feel that ban is invalid you may make an appeal account used to appeal that ban. That secondary account will be allowed for the duration of the appeal process. Please note that appeal accounts are meant for appealing only. Posting anywhere outside of your appeal will result in that account being banned and your appeal automatically denied.​

    All staff reserve the right to delete posts or threads as they see fit. Users choosing not to abide by this set of rules will be subject to warning points being added to their accounts that can lead up to a temporary or even permanent ban from our forums.
    Breaking any of these rules listed could result in warning points added to your account. These points can add up leading to a temporary or even permanent ban from our site. Infraction levels will vary based on user history and severity. If you feel you were punished unfairly please feel free to contact an administrator or senior staff member.

    Infraction/Warning Points System:
    • Verbal warning [0 Points]
    • Over-posting | Spamming - Verbal Warning [0 Points]
    • One day forum mute [0 Points]
    • Three-day forum mute [0 Points]
    • Rate abuse first offense [0 Points]
    • Rate abuse one week [0 Points]
    • Rate abuse one month [0 Points]
    • Rate abuse permanent [0 Points]
    • One day ban [10 Points] Points will last 7 days after being unbanned.
    • Three-day ban [25 Points] Points will last 14 days after being unbanned.
    • One week ban [50 Points] Points will last for 3 week after being unbanned.
    • Two week ban [65 Points] Points will last for one month after being unbanned.
    • One month ban [80 Points] Points will last for 45 days after being unbanned.
    • Permanent ban [100 Points] Points will never expire unless appealed and unbanned.

    These points can add up quickly. This means that even after receiving a 24-hour ban, the points will stay for a set number of days from the infraction date, and so on and so forth. Points will continue to add up should the member continue the behavior. If a member accrues 100 warning points in a 30 day period of time they will be automatically permanently banned from our site. If a member was banned from the site for one month then came back and got him or herself banned for three days that would also perm ban the member because the totals would add up to more than 100.

    When a member is warned, they will receive a conversation message(PM) automatically generated.
    Each message will explain briefly the reason for the points given. Please feel free to ask a staff member if you have any questions regarding your warning.
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