Something I wanted to get off my chest.

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    I wish Colin never left or atleast have ran it with you guys.

    I wish prison was still here. If it still was the same like back in 2014-2015, I'd probably hop on more just for nostalgia. And maybe more oldschool players too.

    But sadly, all good things must come to an end.

    I've been checking up on the server a few times a year, each year and it would be amazing to see it pop off again one day.
    But we've all been waiting for so long, so many things happend in everyone's lives by all the time that has passed. Everyone has moved on to different things/priorities in life. And I'm guessing that new players will leave since there is no one to play with, only 4 modes, and half of them dont even work.

    I can certainly imagine this wasn't an easy task to fufill, so thank you and the team for the work, the little but atleast some communication, and the background stuff that no one gets to hear or see about.
    Something is always better than nothing, but seeing it wounded like this leaves me in such pain.

    I will never forget all the years I played prison on this server as a child, and I wil never forgot what an amazing ride I have had, for hours a day. Everyday of the week. For atleast 2-3 years straight. It pains me that I have no single screenshot or video from back in the days with all the boys from back then. All the people I came across and such. I will never forget.

    I wish I could leave my ingame name for some refference to some people.
    But at somepoint I doxxed myself in my username back in the day. So I'm keeping to myself.

    As an adult now: literally in tears if I think back about the golden days.
    I am truly thankfull for the experience.

    I wish everyone who happends to read this a blessed, succesfull and great life.
    Take care.
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