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    Hi all. Pretty sad to see this forum so dead. Crazy to think most of us met when we were like 8-12 and now most, if not all of us are pretty much finished school, driving and working now. Hell, I'm getting married in a year or two lmao.

    A lot of friends I had on here haven't logged in for years now which sucks. I had a fair few people here on Snapchat and Discord but I lost my logins years ago and really haven't tried to get back on. Pretty cool to have met some lifelong friends on here though, who I do still speak to occasionally and hope to see IRL again one day. Sucks to have lost a few but.

    This is my first proper forum thread in about 4 years and definitely my last one. Crazy to see that I joined this forum 9 years ago.

    It would be pretty cool if we could download the old Skyblock maps that Colin once had hosted. I remember it was like 80+gb though.

    Never forget the gold old days of Skyblock lag spikes. Also getting scammed or scamming because it was allowed. Getting the best /warp's after a major reset, PVPfest & Skywars hacks. And staying up playing Minetime until 4am with friends. I'd do literally anything to go back and do it all again. I feel like any Minecraft after 1.9.2 got really trash and I literally haven't played since the 1.10 update.

    Rip to all the OG's that never really came back or just got beaned. Nicky, Sheldon, Seanthegrim, Jess, Megan, Emily, Colin, Tyler, DRT, Nigga_Trigga (lmfao bro got mad), Bunni, SirJim (**** u tho u ******* ****), Kappa, Clare, Bunni, Oli, Snorlax, Bri, Lewis, Chrisdog, Masterenderwolf, biddzou, Tenk (ginger), 10Freckles, Mishka, Petty104, Jamie, Rebull, Pablo the pedo, Pile, Danger, Queen, etc etc if I forgot you, you, know I didn't mean to <3

    Doubt more than 3 people will read this lol but anyway.

    Hope you all do well in life.

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