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Discussion in 'Staff Application Archive' started by Quakers_OL, Mar 4, 2021.

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    Your in-game name:

    My in-game name is Quackers_OL.

    What timezone are you in?

    My timezone is GMT/ Greenwich Mean Time.

    What country do you live in?

    I live in England.

    Do you have 2FA enabled?

    Yes/No Yes I have 2FA enabled.

    Do you have the necessary means of capturing evidence? (i.e. recording software, screenshots, etc)

    I have OBS studio which I use for streaming or recording gameplay or using it to take clips of my game.

    Why do you think you should become a helper?

    I want to be a helper because for the period I mainly played Minetime anarchy i can say it was some of the most fun I've had on a minecraft server and possibly has the best community I've ever met and made quite a lot of friends, I wish to generally spectate people who play as actively being a part of the anarchy no longer interests me as my project I was working on was blown up by a no longer active player, if I were to become helper/moderator I would mainly use it to go visit people online on the anarchy server to monitor them while also interacting and socialising. I plan on playing the prison server once it is reset as it is something I've been looking forward too ever since it has been shown in announcements.

    How long can you be active on the server everyday?

    I can play minetime for at least 2+ hours daily however I do have to go to school monday-friday from 8:50 to 15:05 but during the evening I can be active or come online if anyone wishes me too.

    How long have you been playing Minetime?

    I joined minetime a few days before new years even on the 26th of December 2020.

    Have you ever been banned in the past? (Forums & In-game)

    I have never been banned from a server or forums.

    Do you have any past experience as a moderator/helper?

    No however I am good at interacting with the community.

    Extra facts about my experience and what I plan to do:

    I am quite a social and peaceful goal when I joined minetime anarchy I was helped out by a guy called realEli and he gave me a kit that helped me start and get into the server from there me and my group which were known as "The Guards" were known as a group who gave out free kits to new players and helped them escape spawn from the grasps of tempezz who is known for bed trapping and terrorising new players, after they confronted me about me and my group they did come to realise we were a problem to them so we settled our disagreements with a peace treaty with this treaty in tact me and my group with many volunteers built a castle directly at spawn that was easy to access and even new players could arrive there and feel safe as this was a project that brought the community together for a time I would like to call "The period of peace" which were the few days it was the most popular location on the map with at max 15 people there and around 7 on average even tempezz thanked me for this as he never before had seen everyone willingly go to spawn because he usually scared them off however he didn't choose to kill or terrorise these people he instead helped protect my castle even though it was not the most detailed build being only 1/4 complete it only lasted a few days until Dixie an original player came and took it down using withers. During this period I realised all it took to bring in the community was something that distracted them from violence in which case it was the castle allowing a safe place to socialise. I plan to make in game events and to create areas where new players can go as a safe haven and a community town that anyone can come and meet up for the period it stands but I hope to defend it until its last block, as well as becoming a frequent player of the reset prison server as it is something I personally think I will quite enjoy monitor of the community being interactive and entertaining people who are online.
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    This guy got yeeted away from the forums. What exactly happened though?
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