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Discussion in 'Player Reports' started by Minetime, Oct 1, 2020.

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    Hey Minetimers!
    It is important that you know how to make a proper report, so I'm here to tell you how. There are many essential things that are needed in a report.

    1. Player(s) IGN (in game name) that are being reported.
    2. Your IGN
    3. What they did wrong. Refer here for Server Rules
    4. Evidence, which should be either be a screenshot or a video.
    • If you don't know how to upload or take a screenshot:
      • Windows users: refer here for help.
      • Mac users: Screenshot by holding down command - shift - 3, then the screenshot should appear on your desktop. Then follow this thread from step 3 onwards.
    • If someone has made an inappropriate plot, make sure your screenshot includes a way for us to find where the plot is (coordinates, warps etc.). You can do this by going on the plot and doing /plot info. Without evidence, nothing will be done.
    5. The server this occurred on. Minetime has many servers, and you'll make our job easier by simply telling us where it took place.
    6. When this occurred. Post reports as soon as possible. The quicker you report, the quicker the staff can do something about it.
    7. Name of modified client (if you're using one).

    In short, this is what your report should look like:

    Player(s) IGN:
    Your IGN:
    Rule broken/wrongdoing:
    When this occurred:
    Client name:
    Additional details:

    • Cropped screenshots are not adequate evidence. Full screenshots are needed.
    • Hacks are allowed unless they harm the server
    • Minetime cannot do anything for threats made on Skype
    • Admin is not a staff rank on the server.
    • Reports made for things that occurred on the forums should use the same format.
    If you have any questions for staff, it should be posted under "Help from Staff" or you should PM a staff member. It shouldn't be posted here.
    Thanks for reading!:)
    ~ Megan
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