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    Follow this at your own risk. The methods used here worked for me but may not for your setup. I will not take responsibility if anything goes wrong while you follow my guide, however I will try to assist you where I can.

    I thought I might make this guide because.. why not.
    Through this, you'll learn how to use the following VPN services.
    -Opera browser.
    -Cyberghost cracked - full version.

    First of all, if you don't know what a VPN is, read this -

    1) Opera.
    Opera is quite a decent browser, which I use more than any other. You can add plugins, it's got a speed-dial, built-in ad block and there's the private-browser with the VPN.

    1) Go to and find the download for your computer operating system.
    2) Install the browser to your needs.
    3) When you first launch Opera, you'll get to the speed-dial page. This is your regular browser, like Chrome and firefox etc. To open the private-browser, press CRTL + shift + N, at the same time (Or ⌘+Shift+N for Mac.
    4) Your browser should now look like this if you're on Windows-
    private browser.PNG
    5) In the top left corner, you should see 'VPN'. Click that and then enable it.
    Optional - After you've enabled it, set your location as United States. Otherwise you have to prove you're not a robot for a heap of sites.
    Note that nothing gets saved when you use private mode in opera. If you go to www,google,com, or anything else, as soon as you close the private browser all your history/logins/download information from that session will be cleared. I normally use the VPN in private mode to go on dodgy looking links when I'm on home connection, that way I can't be IP logged by my proper address.

    Otherwise if you don't want to use private mode, follow this video

    2) Cyberghost cracked.
    Cyberghost is a program which will run in the background as a VPN. With the full version, there's no queue timer, you can change locations, and you can change modes*.
    *Changing modes like this

    This should work whether you've already got the free version installed or not, however it didn't for me. I'll go through how to fix that soon though.
    So first of all, you're going to need to download the crack. Credit to Kalibrx from LF for supplying this.
    Here's the VirusTotal link as proof that it's safe ---> Click here

    And here's the crack download as a .zip ---> Click here (make sure you click 'Download through your browser')
    Once you've downloaded;
    1) Extract the .zip folder to your desktop. You should now have a folder which looks like this. upload_2017-3-2_18-10-11.png
    (The instructions how to do this are in the readme.txt, but not 100% noob-friendly)
    2) Disconnect your computer from the internet.
    3) Run the program "CyberGhost_6.0.2.1985_Preactivate.exe"

    -If you get a .NET framework error. Just press the X in the corner and ignore it, then just let the installer finish.
    -If you get an error and already have Cyberghost installed, go to C:\Program Files (NOT C:\Program Files x86) and delete your existing Cyberghost folder. If it's not letting you delete the folder because it's currently opened in another program, follow the next step to learn how to end the service, then try again.

    4) Now you have to end the Cyberghost service task. You can do this the following ways
    -Windows 8 &10: Right click your start menu > Task manager > scroll down in 'background processes' > Click "Cyberghost service" and press end task.
    -Windows 7: CTRL + delete > Task manager > scroll down in 'background processes' > Click "Cyberghost service" and press end task.
    5) By now, you should have run the installer and ended the service in your task manager. Now you should have a new shortcut on your desktop called Cyberghost 6 and your internet connection should still be off. Do not run Cyberghost yet.
    6) If you do not have the shortcut on your desktop because you un-ticked the box in the installer, locate to C:\Program Files (x86)\CyberGhost.
    However if you do have the shortcut, you can right-click it and press 'open file location'.
    Now you'll be in a folder that looks like this - upload_2017-3-2_18-34-16.png
    Depending on your layout, there should be a program at the very bottom called wyUpdate.exe. Delete that. wyUpdate is basically the updater/license thing, so deleting this will stop the membership running out.

    Now reconnect to your internet and launch Cyberghost! It's all self-explanatory to use it from there. Otherwise feel free to PM me any questions.

    I'll edit this when I can also.
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    There's also the Tor Browser... but use it at your own risk o_O
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    Great guide! Very detailed and all of it works :D
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    Tor browser is fine as long as you don't go on any sites ending with .onion

    yeah, don't crack premium software, not only are you ripping off the makers of the program, you're likely to get many, many viruses.

    Don't listen to Teabag... There's a free vpn called Betternet.
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    And Tor is slow af. I've been using Opera for at least two years now and is actually really fast. Even the VPN has decent connection speeds.
    Using Tor has more of a chance in getting you Malware or Ratted/keylogged than both of my methods combined.

    I never said you have to use the crack I provided. you can go buy it and waste $30 a month if you want. I don't care.
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    Google Chrome has VPN extensions.
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    A. It's Firefox with a VPN. which equals Opera.
    B. Ummm...... Very slow
    C. Known for conducting illegal activity.
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    Thank you! I Will have to Check it out SomeTime!!

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