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    Hello MineTimers,

    When ever someone has an issue with the forums or in-game, the staff members always referred to, "Create a Support Ticket," and myself not knowing what it was, I asked around and no one knew how to create one. I figured why not make one for the new people out there as well as the old timers not knowing what it is.

    What is a Support Ticket?

    A Support Ticket allows you to directly request service from our staff members (primarily @Pile on the weekends). The Administrators created this system to better support and reply to the members of our community with more important issues.

    You describe your problem in the description box, choose the priority level (Low, Medium, or High), then you open your support ticket for the staff members to look over. If your Support Ticket is acceptable, such as stating "I lost my admin rank" and providing adequate evidence, then it will be accepted. If it is something like, "This guy scammed me in-game and I want my money back," then your Support Ticket will be instantly denied.

    Once you've opened your Support Ticket and a staff member has replied to it, you will be able to communicate back and forth until your issue has been resolved. Once the issue has been determined, the Support Ticket will be closed.

    How to create a Support Ticket

    1. Click the drop down box at the home screen on the forums; then click "Submit New Ticket."


    2. Once you've selected "Submit New Ticket," you should be at this screen:


    3. Once you've reached this screen, you will then want to click on the drop down box entitled, "Department" and choose the kind of support you would like (Billing Support, Technical Support, or General Support).

    ---> In this case, I will be choosing "Billing Support."


    4. Once you've chosen the kind of support that you wanted, you will then select the type of priority your Support Ticket is worth. The way to do that is to click the drop down box entitled "Medium" and choose how important your Support Ticket is.

    I would Suggest making your priority level the importance of the support option.
    • Billing Support should be "High"
    • Technical Support should be "Medium"
    • General Support should be "Low"

    5. After this has been completed, you then create your title.


    If you add a high priority with the billing support option and entitle your ticket, "This guy scammed me in-game and I want my money back," your ticket will be denied.

    6. You then provide a description of your problem (In detail).


    7. Once you've created your description, you click "Open" under the description you made.


    8. Once you've opened your Support Ticket, you will come to a page like this:


    You will then have the option to click on the code to view the ticket you created.

    After you've done all of those steps, you will then receive a notification to have a conversation with a staff member in the "Support Ticket" tab until the issue is resolved. :)


    Thank you for reading! If you have any questions or if anything is unclear to you, please comment and I will fix it
    . :D
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