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    New to the forums? Have no clue what the heck to do on this seemingly complicated website? “How do I comment?” “What’s that message thingy under everyone else’s comments?

    Pixel to the rescue!

    Here is a guide to the forums for new members.

    After both seeing and answering the exact same questions over and over again, I’ve come to a conclusion: most new forum members don’t read previous posts to find the answers to questions that have been asked dozens of times.

    You can’t fully enjoy these forums without actually knowing how to use it: you can read all the pointless arguments, but you can’t join in if you don’t know how to comment.

    This is a hopefully brief and straight-to-the-point guide that will inform you on how to be a forum boss in no time!

    Want me to add anything? Comment down below!

    Profile Customization

    [​IMG][/IMG] [​IMG]
    I will be going through how to customize your profile the way you want in this segment.

    Avatar=profile picture.
    Open the drop-down box:

    and click on “Avatar.”

    Click “Custom avatar” and upload your photo. You can also use gravatar, which is basically where every website (with gravatar enabled) you sign up to with a specific email will use a selected photo as your avatar. It’s not necessary.

    Enjoy your new avatar!


    Open up the drop-down box at the top of your screen (after clicking your avatar) and click “signature.” You will be brought to a page featuring a box, that allows you to edit your signature.

    when you’re done editing, then simply click “Save changes.”

    “What does a signature do?”

    It’s a message that pops up on the bottom of every comment you make. Do not make your signature huge, it’s very annoying to scroll past a full page of random gifs.

    Personal Info/Privacy

    Go to the drop-down box again. Click “Personal Details” or “Privacy”

    Just edit your stuff from there. I hope this does not require further information.


    It’s like Twitter: people follow you, you follow back.
    To follow someone, click on the follow button on the top-right of their profile.

    You will not be notified if someone unfollows you, however you will know of new followers in your alerts.

    PS: Don't go asking everyone to follow you. It's annoying.

    That’s all on profile customization, I guess. Next up: commenting and threads!

    Commenting and threads

    A thread is an original post: something that brings up a topic.
    Comments are posts relating to the thread (hopefully.)

    Creating threads

    Go to the “forums” section and click on a section.
    Please. If it’s about Prison make it in Prison. Don’t put it in Skyblock or Player Reports.
    Put your threads in the correct section and everybody will be happy.

    Click on the blue button in the top-right that says “Post new thread.”

    Now, just enter in whatever you have to say.


    a) Pointless threads.
    Eg. “hi”
    -end of thread-

    b) Derogatory threads

    Eg. [Bob] is a [rude term] and deserves to ____. He should ______.
    judgemental, prejudiced, homophobic, racist or stating that a group or an individual is worse than others.

    c) Inappropriate threads
    Eg. including swearing or mentions of sex or other material that a nine year old should not read.
    Stories about suicide, depression, cutting, etc.
    Don't be dramatic. We're friendly, but someone 3000 miles away can't do anything about your emotional issues.

    d) Dramatic threads
    anything bound to cause arguments.

    i'm sorry if i offended anyone named bob

    You can comment on a thread by going to the bottom of a thread:
    and filling in your message.
    Please make it relevant to the thread!
    Do not argue with other players on a thread.
    Simply report the thread and request a lock:

    at the bottom of a comment and insert a reason.


    You can “rate” other forum members’ posts with the following rating system. Your ratings, and the ratings you give out are publically displayed on your profile:

    Here are the ratings, what they mean, and when to use them:

    From top to bottom:
    Like (I like your post and I'm too lazy to choose another rating)
    Agree (I agree)
    Disagree (I disagree) (DO NOT ABUSE)
    Funny (hahahhahahah i'm amused)
    Winner (wow awesome)
    Informative (I actually learned something from this)
    Friendly (aww you're so nice)
    Useful (I actually learned something from this)
    Optimistic (you're optimistic) (this is a NEUTRAL rating)
    Creative (Nice artwork/interesting post!)

    Use ratings wisely and do not abuse them; this may lead to a temporary/ permanent ban from the forums.
    Next up: FAQ!


    Q: Where can I buy ranks?

    Q: I don’t play on the server anymore; can I get my money back?
    A: No. When buying a rank, please note that this is a donation to the server, hence the name “donator rank.” To thank you for your donation, you get perks such as extra commands and items. Therefore, you are not buying the items that come with the rank, you are donating enough money for the rank itself, and in exchange you get perks. tl;dr: no.

    Q: Oh no! my rank didn’t come through. Who can I contact?
    A: Email [email protected] for payment help and ban appeals.

    Q: Are staff applications open?
    A: Yes, they are currently open! Check the "helper application" forum.

    If you have more questions please leave a comment. Someone will answer it.

    Helpful threads
    Here are some amazing threads made by other users to help you.

    Two-factor authentication by @Parker

    Build team information by @Kyleep

    Stealing builds by @Jess

    Minetime Rules by @CollinPotato

    Payment Info by @CollinPotato

    Payment-related help by @Tih

    Fake player reports [read before making a report] by @Dovashy

    Abusing staff permissions by @Joel

    Hiding your IP on Skype by @Tyler

    How to Report a Player by @Megan

    Thank you for reading! If I need to add anything, or if anything is unclear, please comment down below.


    26/08/16: Reworded some cringeworthy segments and updated the "staff application" FAQ
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