Goodbye, all those I may have met as a child.

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    I'm unbelievably drunk while typing this but I've recovered my forums account specifically to type this, maybe for anybody willing to read or maybe just for myself. But back in the day, you may have known me as Palmettoking, B1LLCOSBY, Bigpapa, or FredFlinstone.

    I began playing on this server when I was 12 years old and created my forums account when I was 13. I am now 20 years old and in University majoring in both Chemical and Nuclear Engineering. It baffles me that I even made it alive beyond the age of 17 and even more so that I was able to get into university at all---it is truly surreal when I think back on the years. I was homeschooled and quite sheltered as a child so some of my first friendships were made while playing on this server and I still cherish and think of them regardless of the number of years that may have passed (specifically @Jackj16 and a kid that was younger than me from Bangladesh). I used to finish my schoolwork for the day and immediately hop on this server to play whether my friends were on or not and sometimes I would ignore my schoolwork for weeks to play on this server all day when my non-American friends were out of school. My favorite thing to play on this server was OP PVP but I also shortly played Factions and Prison, however, I wasn't nearly as good at those gamemodes. I don't remember many names at this point in time but one name I do remember from OP PVP is Manilla and you were pretty sick too.

    The alcohol is taking over so I'm getting tired and don't know what much else to say but if you think you may benefit from it---go to therapy, go take a grippy sock vacation, go to the eating disorder hospital, do whatever you can for your mental and physical health because your life is so much more than worth whatever the cost may be. And if you need to talk to anybody or just need a friend then feel more than free to send me a message on insta @kawaiipunkz, even if I've never seen you heard of you, or care about you idgaf. We all deserve a friend.

    <3 <3 <3
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